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    Paper or plastic, reusable or recyclable, twist handles or die-cut holes, natural kraft or high gloss polka dot . . . the choices for retail bags are endless. You need a retail packaging supplier with a large catalog of different retail bags and a commitment to providing those bags at fair and hard-to-beat prices.

    S.Walter carries a vast variety of retail bags of all shapes and sizes, almost all of them customizable to your store or businesses needs. So whatever your preferred type of bags, from simple T-shirt bags to stylish matte color Eurotote shopping bags, you’ll find a selection of colors and styles from which to choose. We also carry a large assortment of retail boxes, paper, and other packaging accessories, making it easier than ever to create a coordinated packaging program sure to enhance your retail brand.

    We can ship quickly to anywhere in North America from one of our five regional distribution centers. We’ve instituted a comprehensive Value Pricing Strategy, analyzing the online retail packaging marketplace to ensure that our prices are at or below our competitors (even if this means slashing prices). These wholesale prices are available on orders as small as 50 or 100 retail bags, so you can easily use them for one-off promotions or sales.

    S.Walter also offers a top-of-the-line art department and printing specialists. Our in-house creative team can create custom a custom logo for your business and help fit existing designs into your packaging look. For retail bags, S.Walter really is the place to go.