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    Paper bags have been a fixture of retail stores for over a hundred years, but the selection of bags available today is a far cry from the conventional self-opening style shopping bags available when Samuel Walter founded his business in 1904. S.Walter packaging has been in the retail supply business for that long, selling paper bags and wrapping paper and gradually expanding to all aspects of packaging.

    Many paper bags are still made from sturdy kraft paper, similar to those a hundred years ago (the word "kraft" come from the German for "strong"). Today, natural kraft paper shoppers are composed of mostly recycled paper. The natural, earthy look of these paper bags remains a comforting standard for shoppers and has come back in fashion with eco-conscious consumers. White kraft paper is the next most popular material for paper bags, which also come in a variety of colors and matte or gloss treatments.

    Simple paper bags, such as merchandise bags or grocery bags, have no handle at all, more attractive paper shopping bags will generally have paper twist handles. These paper twist handles are the strong, thin holders seen on most stores’ shoppers. Other high-end retailers may use eurototes. These luxe paper bags have rope handles matching the bag color, creating a strong, powerful packaging look that resonates with shoppers.

    S.Walter carries a variety of all these paper shopping bags, in many different sizes and looks, so there’s sure to be something in our catalog to suit your own business, event, or promotional needs.