Eco Friendly Packaging

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    S.Walter Packaging’s mission is to provide extraordinary packaging solutions while preserving our natural resources. We take great pride in our ability to supply eco friendly packaging to help secure a sustainable future.

    Our environmental commitment takes several forms: many of our product lines are made using post-consumer materials, and many of our products are reusable or multi-use. Eco friendly products include paper shoppers made from recycled material, reusable PPNV promotional bags, and recycle-paperboard gift boxes.

    We offer a variety of paper bags and paperboard boxes made from at least 50% recycled material. Some, such as natural kraft shoppers with their earthy tan appearance, look very much like eco friendly packaging. But even our high-gloss paper bags are largely composed of recycled material. And perhaps surprisingly, plastic bags are often made of post-consumer material, perhaps recycled from other plastic bags.

    Our flexible “Bag It. Box It. Green!” program anticipates and complies with recent and new legislation by major cities and municipalities that mandates the recycling of retail packaging and the reusability of plastic bags. It provides and easy way for retail establishments to demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

    Our eco friendly packaging can be custom-designed or custom-printed with your brand, logo, or message. Contact us today and one of our Product Specialists will help you with your environmentally responsible packaging needs!