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    Why are bags and bows such an integral part of any retail stores packaging program? Here’s a little story that might sound familiar:

    After trying on several outfits, getting the considered opinion of helpful clothing store associate, an elegant customer buys her chosen item. The associate folds the clothing, places it gently into an apparel box, puts a bow on the closed box, and lowers it into an open shopping bag.

    It is the iconic retail packaging image, one repeated countless times in movies and in stores around the country. Those boxes, bags and bows are as central a part of the shopping experience as the mannequin in the window and the mirror in the changing room. If one was missing, the customer would feel its absence.

    Bags and bows are emblematic of the shopping experience at more than just clothing stores. Any retailer can add value to a customer’s purchase with some simple packaging touches. Using white or color gift or apparel boxes, coordinating ribbon and bows, and matching shopping bags is proven to raise brand profile and boost sales. When you are selling items likely to be given out as Christmas, birthday, or Valentine’s gifts (surely that includes most retailers), presenting purchases in tasteful bags and bows gives customers a much appreciated add-on.

    S.Walter offers a wide selection of boxes, bags and bows in colors and sizes that will suit any business. Revamp or refill your packaging program and start seeing the results.