Take care of all your retail ribbon needs with our selection of satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, curling ribbon, tulle ribbon, and more. Available in rainbow assortment of colors, including specialty prints and metallic finish, our stylish ribbons are perfect for gift wrapping or store decoration.

    Ribbons are a key part of any packaging program, the ideal accompaniment to boxes, gift wrap, bags and bows. All our attractive ribbon styles are available at hard-to-beat wholesale prices. Wholesale ribbon is just what your store needs to enhance your look and boost your brand.

    With a silky and smooth surface satin ribbon provides an elegant appearance. Available in one and two sided varieties (the one sided has a dull side and a lustrous side, the two sided two lustrous sides), satin ribbon is the ribbon choice for many retailers.

    For another sewn-product look, consider grosgrain ribbon. A ribbon characterized by its ribbon look, grosgrain has a waved effect reminiscent of corduroy. Its name comes from the French "gros," meaning large, and "graine" an antique word for fabric.

    Curling ribbon, as its name suggests, comes on a narrow spool and is self-curling. This gives an attractive twirl to the ends of any bow or drapery. Curling ribbon is available in a range of special designs and patterns.

    Tulle ribbon, also known as sheer ribbon, comes in subdued colors and patterns, making for elegant and easy gift bows and wrappings suitable for weddings, christenings, bridal parties, and any classy occasion.

    All our wholesale ribbons are sold in spools and available in small orders of as little as one roll. Sizes range from 25 yards for tulle ribbon to 250 yards for curling ribbon. Browse our selection now for fun, elegant, and trendy ribbon to suit your tastes and needs. Its sure to spruce up your boxes and enhance your image.