Essential, colorful, and trendy - we have a full selection of wholesale gift wrap rolls at competitive prices. With a dazzling assortment of contemporary and traditional designs for any occasion, you're sure to find the right look for your packaging or display needs.

    When we give a friend or loved one a present, whether it be for Christmas or another holiday, a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, a baby shower, Valentine's Day, or just because, the sentiment is of as much value as the gift itself. That's why gift wrap - and retail packaging in general - is so important. Gift wrap is all about presentation. It shows that we put thought and effort into the present we are giving.

    Just as gift wrap is important to us as individuals when we send or receive gifts, it is important to stores and other businesses. Providing wrapping options, using gift wrap in displays, and packaging items in attractive designs - these actions show customers that you care about the things you are selling, that you put thought and effort into the store, and that you value their purchases as much as you think they will.

    When most people of gift wrap, the image that comes to mind is likely to be of presents scattered beneath a Christmas tree. Christmas and other seasonal holidays like Hanukkah are important gift giving times, and key dates in the retail calendar. That's why we carry hundreds of holiday-specific gift wrap items, and many more holiday-neutral wrapping papers that are suitable for seasonal gifts. Patterns such as Snowy Christmas Tree or Gold Star Chanukah get right in to the holiday spirit.

    When choosing retail gift wrap, you should of course select designs that suit the season, but you should also consider your store's look. It makes sense to choose colors and patterns that fit into your larger packaging look. So your wholesale gift wrap can match your shopping bags, your gift boxes, and your tissue paper. With gift wrap a part of coordinated packaging look, your presentation is complete.

    On this site you'll find hundreds of gift wrapping paper designs in a selection of convenient wholesale roll sizes ideal for retail use. Browse our extensive collections of Holiday gift wrap, contemporary gift wrap, masculine and feminine gift wrap, gift wrap for weddings, Valentine gift wrap, gift wrap for baby showers and other related occasions, kraft gift wrap, cello wrap, and special reduced-price closeout gift wrap. Whatever the holiday, whatever the gift, we have the wrapping paper you need.