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    How Do You Make Your Boutique Bakery Stand Out In The Crowd?

    How Do You Make Your Boutique Bakery Stand Out In The Crowd?

    It seems these days there are sweet, little bakeries popping up on every corner across the country. They all offer something unique and delectable. But what happens when your 'unique' bakery loses its luster because there is suddenly an influx of them and customers are inundated with several options to choose from to satisfy their sweet tooth? It is estimated that there are some 2,800 bakeries currently registered in the U.S., with this number growing… [Read More]

    Tiffany and Company's Iconic Packaging

    Tiffany and Company's Iconic Packaging

    We often think of packaging as holding little significance to a brand, other than to temporarily house and transport their product. There are some brands, however, that have found ways to elevate their packaging to icon status, most notably Tiffany & Co. They are a case study in how packaging can become a signature part of your brand's strategy and recognition. While the high-end jeweler is known for its diamonds and precious metals, it is… [Read More]